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Enormous thank you to Gizle Landman and her wonderful pupils for taking part in our school research study today! Also a big thank you to 梅布尔 (the school dog) for so graciously accepting our cuddles!


GCSE dance students smashing their performance exam! ✨🤩💃🏾 http://t.co/2ZlgqDMd8t http://t.co/sbSY7cThGY


Our Reader Leader programme helps to ensure that our literacy levels improve continuously and empowers our students! http://t.co/4K6uaeis6N


巴塞罗那又一个美妙的一天! http://t.co/GrhwQ7MVS5


巴塞罗那之旅的第一天! http://t.co/0gihiN0tUv


藻种的学生 60 HAB students from Year's 8-10 watched 'The Tempest' at Shakespeare's Globe theatre last night. A fun and energetic production - a great evening of theatre! http://t.co/1tdVWx273S


🎼 HAB students in sectionals learning 99 Red Balloons with . Excited for a big day of rehearsals ahead! 🎷🎶 http://t.co/Fa3d0WTjuE


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最后一天 ... after the amazing Scottish Gala organised by the 合乐888手机版要离开爱丁堡了. Swipe right again to see our HABMUN team learning Ceilidh!!! 谢谢你! 为了这次难忘的经历 !!! 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 http://t.co/zeeE9OkmgX http://t.co/IrUhMrgkA0


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Day2在 ! Our HABMUN delegates arrived at the opening ceremony where the Ambassador Graciela Garcia, the first woman to serve as Ambassador of Mexico, addressed the issue of gender bias within the UN and highlighted the importance of owning who you are! http://t.co/LUGPRhotQ9 http://t.co/InZLwRjyKH



精彩周四模拟面试 & Speed mentoring day with 173 14-15 yr students thanks to our lovely volunteers including 交响乐团


Some fantastic photos from our STEAM 2023 Welcome event - great to meet the new year 7 from local primary schools and introduce them to our pupils, 院系及教师. 摄影:Hephzibah, Mame, Sharmya Y10 http://t.co/xKPzKnB1J4


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第一天的寒冷🥶爱丁堡! Our HABMUN team enjoyed some sightseeing around Edinburgh town visiting Princes Gardens, 城堡, 圣贾尔斯大教堂, 斯科特纪念碑和高街. We are now ready for the ScotMUN Conference that starts now. http://t.co/Xj3OnLRBbp


A tremendously enjoyable and successful first transition event for our new and prospective families! http://t.co/5HkSMqbud3


Year 12 attended a brilliant poetry workshop at 合乐888官方平台学院佩卡姆 recently, 由诗人索菲亚·塔库尔领导. The amazing workshop helped our students explore their feelings through the power of poetry. 谢谢你! to the National 读写能力 Trust and Lancôme who organised the event. http://t.co/NdfMnDi3Nd


Year 12 showed off their publishing skills during a Penguin careers workshop in the library today. They’re ready to take on the world of publishing now! http://t.co/yhk1LwIBV4


国际妇女节 . 听HAB学生的靴子, Balls and Bra's' podcast discussing women and girls in sport with Eartha Pond – NED at The Football Association, Fara Williams MBE – England’s most capped player of all time and Rebecca Smith –Former New Zealand Captain


Huge congratulations to Radiyat, Year 10, for winning the regional final of the Jack Petchey Speak Out Challenge, run by . Her powerful speech called 'Bringing back shame' was a most worthy winner. 完整的故事 http://t.co/FvHllEXnds http://t.co/IYBBidPXob



合乐888手机版的新 Jack Petchey's Speak Out Challenge Regional Champion is Radiyat from 她强有力的演讲 “带回耻辱”! Radiyat做得好! 📢👏 观看完整演讲: http://t.co/CHb6wH5OSO http://t.co/h44CufIRaO


HAB was visited by practitioners from The Globe last week; students from Y7-10 participated in a Shakespearean acting workshop exploring scenes from ‘The Tempest’, ahead of our trip to watch ‘The Tempest’ at The Globe 3月14日. http://t.co/R1EDzWDcPf

All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, 个人发展与抱负.

















"My Name Is 梅布尔 And I Am The HAB Therapy Dog"

梅布尔狗1Hello, I'm 梅布尔 and I am the HAB therapy dog. Let me tell you a little bit about myself.

我出生于2020年7月5日. My mum is a black Labrador, and my dad is a miniature red Poodle.                         

I am hypoallergenic which means that I have a very very low risk of causing any allergies 在任何人身上. My coat is low shedding so you will not see a trail of my hair wherever I have been.

I am also a soft breed – this means that I am very 冷静、耐心、善良. My vet has done a temperament assessment on me and confirmed this!

Both my owner (Mrs Landman) and I have completed therapy dog training. We have also ensured that all the necessary risk assessments are done so that it is safe for everyone when I am school.

我来这里是为了 support you with your mental health and well-being. I am also very good at sitting quietly and listening to you read to me and when you are feeling anxious or stressed, I will happily sit with you until you feel calm again.

梅布尔狗2Although I am super cute, I understand that some of you will not be comfortable near me. 我完全理解. If you simply ignore me, I will know not to pay you any attention. 同样的,如果你愿意的话 学会和狗狗相处得很自在, just tell us and we can support you with that.

不要给我吃东西 other than the ones Mrs Landman gives you. I am not clever enough to know what not to eat and things like raisins and chocolate are poisonous for me.

It will really help me a lot too if you 保持学校干净整洁 请不要乱扔垃圾! I would be really tempted sniff at it and try to eat it.

I am usually in for no more than four days a week (I need my rest too!). you will know if I am in from the sign in reception and outside Mrs Landman’s office.

I really look forward to spending time with you and getting to know you!